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Nearity 4K Conference Camera V30

120° Ultra-wide Lens | 4K Image | Auto-framing | 4 MEMS Microphone |

De-reverberation | Privacy Protection

Key features

  • 120°ultrawideangle,4K@30fps
  • 8MPCMOSsensor
  • Auto-framing
  • 4-elementMEMSmicrophonearray
  • Areasoundpickup
  • De-reverberation
  • Flexibleinstallation
  • Lenscover(on-device)
  • USB plug &play


Clear Voice Pickup

A 4-element MEMS microphones array is adopted to achieve 3m accurate pickup in the forward range of 120° and effectively shield the noise interference in other areas

AI Noise Reduction

Machine learning based on thousands of hours of conference data effectively implements transient and steady-state background noise suppression. The AGC algorithm solves the problem of slurred speech.

Noise Reduction and Reverb Cancellation

Effectively reduce background noises in the office to minimize mental effort and make you more focused on the meeting

4K Image

8MP CMOS sensor, resolving up to 4K@25fps, bringing unparalleled immersive experience.

120° Ultra-wide Lens

Professional distortionless optical lens, fully covering huddle and small conferencing room and showing the full picture of a venue realistically.

Auto Exposure Technology

Automatically apply the best imaging effect according to lighting conditions, with distortionless color rendering.

Noise Cancellation Microphones

Build-in 4 MEMS beamforming mics with NEARITY noise cancellation technology provide business-class audio performance.

Plug & Play

Connect your PC with a USB and start the meeting.

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