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Nearity Ceiling Array Microphone A50

91 MEMS Microphone | 12 Audio Beams

Voice Reinforcement Supported | Beamforming | Daisy-chain | AI Noise Reduction


Product & Key Features

  • 91-ElementMicrophoneArray
  • 12DeepSidelobeBeamforming
  • 8meffectivePickupRangeDaisy-ChainUpTo8Devices
  • AINoise-Suppression
  • TrueFullDuplex
  • DigitalSignalProcessing(DSP)


Daisy-chain supported

The whole A50 system supports up to 8 units of A50 connected together via Ethernet cable to cover different room sizes. With 8 units of A50 microphones, extra rooms like auditoriums and big classrooms can be easily covered.

91 MEMS Microphone Array

91 MEMS microphone array with up to 12 lobes of acoustic area ensures high flexibility of area selection. With this feature, A50 can fit different arrangement of conference room and seat position to pick up clear voice as well as shield


Intelligent DSP

With strong performance of signal processing, including auto reverberation, echo cancellation, noise reduction, AGC, and many other advanced audio technologies, A50 system provides enterprise level conference experience.

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