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Nearity Conference Speacker Mic A11

4-element Microphone Array | Noise Reduction

Human Voice Optimization | Full-duplexUSB | Plug & Play

Product Key Features

  • 4-elementomnidirectionalmicrophonearray
  • 4meterssoundpickuprange
  • AInoise-reduction、echo-cancellation、de-reverberation
  • HD Full bandspeaker
  • Full-duplex
  • Touchablefeaturekeys
  • Smart cable designUSBPlug&Play



360° Premium Audio Experience

A 4 microphone array picks up conversation within a 4m range for natural conversations.

Nearity Pure Voice

Nearity Pure Voice technology keeps conversations distraction free by cancelling reverberation and echos.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

AGC helps balance audio volume levels to make listening more comfortable.

Modern Design

Sophisticated industrial design brings good acoustic experience. Panels with small holes give a clearer sound.


Full-duplex technology allows for simultaneous speaking and ensures natural conversations without missing a word.

Touchable Featrue

5 simple and easily accessed controls help you manage meetings with volume, mute, and more.

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