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8-Element Microphone | Noise Reduction

Full-duplex | Daisy-chain | Hidden Ports | Plug & Play

Product & key features

  • 8-elementomnidirectionalmicrophonearray
  • Full band  speakerSupportEchocancellation
  • SupportReverbsuppression
  • Fullduplexcommunication
  • -Automatic gain control (AGC) within 5 meters
  • Dasiy chain up to 5 units allowing for 15 metersEffectivesoundpickup
  • USB 2.0 typeC




A20 includes an 8-element, 360° beamforming mic array that auto-levels louder and softer voices while suppressing interference, background noise, and reverberation. The A20 allows people to move freely around without wearing or holding a microphone


NEARITY’s true full-duplex technology allows for simultaneous speaking for natural conversations without missing a word.

AI Noise Suppression

NEARITY’s unique far-field SNR enhancement technology effectively suppresses background noises in the room, and is optimized for human voices to provide a more transparent, more comfortable, authentic, and immersive conversation experience.


Connect up to 5 NEARITY A20 conference speakermics with standard ethernet cables according to room sizes and the number of local participants.

Daisy-chain Capability

Cover up to 40 meters of conference tables with 60-80 participants using just five daisy-chained A20 units. (Please increase the number of A20 Speakermic or extend the ethernet cable based on the acoustic environment of the meeting room)

Unique Design

A20 increases sound intensity through the talking drum design of the resonance chamber. Better echo-cancellation and full duplex conversation are enhanced by the physical separation of the microphone and speaker.

Hidden Ports Design

Hidden ports for ethernet, power, and USB connections keep your meeting space neat and clean

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